“Passion Sound (Inner Beauty)” as the title track to this EP is designed to exemplify the inner passion of an individual, while maintaining the outer crust of a Chicago Sound. It is well true that Tevo Howard found it necessary for this artistic track to make it to vinyl. He has said that the track’s elegance is the perfect potion for a BGR vinyl release.

While “Inter-Tribal” is slower paced, and somewhat crosses bands of what one would expect to hear from the machine drums used to create it, “Inter-Tribal” as a track is also meant to even out the energy of this conceptual vinyl piece as a whole.

“Dreamer’s Reason” is simply the title track to Tevo Howard’s first “full-scale“ album, which will be released in coming months. The Album is titled in full “Dreamer’s Reason Café.” On this particular Vinyl selection, BGR-7, a bonus mix titled, (DEEP REASON MIX), is included, whereas it will not be included on the full-scale album.

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