So, you’re a painter and you need painters insurance. What do you do? Well, you take out a policy through your local paint company or a larger company and pay the premium to protect yourself against loss of work due to injury or illness.

If the business is an outsourcing firm or you work out of your home, then it’s probably pretty safe to assume that you don’t have much to lose. But what if you run your own painting business, do you have enough to adequately protect yourself? Here’s what you’ll find below.

General Liability Insurance Covers Property Damage, Personal Injury, and Bodily Injury General liability insurance cover the basics, including property damage, bodily injury, and personal injury. Depending on the company you purchase your coverage from, there is a wide range of benefits offered that may make this type of coverage a little too general.

Some benefits cover a wide range of potential circumstances and costs, so always ask about them when getting a quote. Instant Quote: Auto and Home General Liability Insurance Coverages. Professional Liability Insurance Covers Professionalism, Product liability, and Product claim If you are a professional, then you probably know that there are a lot of things you aren’t allowed to do because of warranties, contracts, etc.

Professional liability insurance covers these instances as well so that you can protect your business and your employees. Instant Quote: Auto and Home Professional Liability Insurance Coverages

Workers’ Compensation Insurance Protects Employees’ This type of insurance protects employees whose bodies are damaged or injured while at work. It doesn’t typically cover mental health or funeral expenses but offers a great safety net for all the hard workers out there.

The downside to Workers Compensation is that to qualify for the benefits, an employee has to be injured on the job. You may be able to get a large settlement or a lump sum payment if you have to go to court or sue your employer. Instant Quote: Auto and Home Workers Compensation Insurance Coverages

Medical Payments Insurance protects against any injuries to an employee that results in a claim, whether it is a worker’s compensation claim or a personal injury claim. Depending on your state and the industry you work in, this could include both medical costs and lost wages. It’s important to have this type of insurance if you run a commercial operation where customers are on-site or have any kind of contact with customers daily.

Instant Quote: Auto and Home Medical Payments Insurance Covers Potential Emergencies Medical payments insurance are often necessary when you take in employees or when you have to care for an injured or sick employee. Without this type of coverage, you may have to foot the bill for a long hospital stay or medical bills that exceed your company’s budget allotment.

When it comes to painting contractors, there are a variety of options available. The insurance offered by a contractor can vary greatly depending on what their preferred method of payment is, as well as their experience and skill level.

Having the right insurance coverage is important for all painters because you never know when an accident will occur or when something catastrophic such as fire will happen. When it comes to finding the best price, it’s important to look for coverage that offers the best benefits for the right price.

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