Are you looking for an immensely popular platform where you can find over 40 different Cryptocurrencies and trade with the main party? If yes then you’re wondering to know about 500 Pips platform. This is the best brokerage platform where you can find plenty of accounts and choose the appropriate one to create by filling the given-form step by step.

Moreover, before creating your account then makes sure that you should know the minimum deposit fees, therefore, you are able to start trading with the main party from different parts of the world. The secure or least deposit fee account you choose, the more you can enjoy a lot and make a good source of income without being cheated for a single time.

Types of accounts

500 Pips offers a lot of accounts and each one has different deposit fees that you should know by reading the below-mentioned points carefully.

Basic Account

Basic is a common account that has the least amount of deposit fees of $250 and a welcome bonus of 20% that gives a better experience to its users. The basic account is very suitable for traders because it has a simple concept that every beginner can understand it. Through, the users must take a closer at the below-mentioned points.

Bronze Account

Bronze is a very popular account that has a minimum deposit of $100 and a welcome bonus of 40%. As the users deal with various Cryptocurrencies then they can get awesome rewards and bonuses from time to time.

Silver Account

Silver account is another best account that you have to deposit at least $2500 to create your account and deal with a welcome bonus of 60%. Make sure that the users must mention the details in the given-form step by step, if they want to successfully create an account and trading with the main party from different parts of the world.

Gold Account

A minimum deposit of $10,000 requires and a welcome bonus of 80% to create an account in an appropriate manner. This account deals with better services and stunning features that the crypto lovers like to invest in various Cryptocurrencies by making the best use of the convenient payment mode.

Platinum account

To be able to create a platinum account then 500pips scam you must have $25,000 and a welcome bonus of 100% that the users can enjoy a lot while trading with the main party. This account is very best who wants to take a little bit of risk and make huge money within the shortest time period. If you want to invest in various Cryptocurrencies and deal with better services 24/5 hours then you must go through with 500pips scam.

In addition, these are the best or popular accounts that have a better security system and deal with top-notch quality features that everyone likes to invest in different Cryptocurrencies.

Last Words

All the popular accounts of 500 Pips platform that the users are able to choose any of them and create an account by filling the given-form step by step so that they will be able to deal with exclusive rewards and bonuses.

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