You might have seen many people engaged in using Facebook as they find it a great platform for making new friends and enhancing their online business. It is considered one of the most famous and reputed social media apps that significantly impact people’s personality and image. Most people don’t know much about Facebook but still want to use it by seeing other people using it and grabbing such huge popularity across the world.

Usually, people prefer to opt for online platforms to make new friends and increase their fan to meet new people throughout the world. The people who have Facebook accounts find out the best ways to earn money from them as it allows them to make a great name and fame, and they opt for selling out their accounts.

Most people prefer to buy agest Facebook accounts as they have great new features and updates that attract people the most. If you want to learn about the latest updates on Facebook, you can stay focused. The below information will help you to know about the famous and latest Facebook updates with proper details.

  • Live Video Ads – First and the latest update in recent Facebook updates is Live Video Ads that attract people the most and helps them greatly impact their Facebook accounts. Most people don’t know much about this update, due to which they face problems in getting the best amount for selling their accounts.
  • It helps people know about other platforms that provide a great opportunity to grab a huge amount of money by making great stability in the online world.
  • Paid Online Events – Another reputed and most famous update in Facebook’s recent updates is that it organizes the paid online events. It allows people to share their videos and allows them to get as much popularity as they want if they use them in the right way.
  • This online update took place back in August, attracting people to buy agest Facebook accounts for getting this update. The accounts of early months don’t have this update, due to which people don’t prefer to opt for it.
  • Short Video Monetization – The people who want to connect with the August Facebook accounts, must know about the latest updates, and one of the best updates is Short Video Monetization.
  • Short video creators can earn a great amount of revenue from this video and make their name and fame without paying a single penny for their talent. Earlier three minutes video is eligible to be posted, but now pre, mid, post-roll, and image ads can be added in the form of short videos.


Once the people understand the importance of August Facebook accounts, they will run to buy agest Facebook accounts. It will help them get great Facebook accounts with the latest updates and also allows them to earn a great amount of money from them. If you do not consider the info properly, it won’t be easy to understand Facebook accounts’ importance for August month

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