We have all heard of this game a lot, it’s shocking to know that this game dates back to around 1,000 years but the term “Poker” was coined in 1832. Although, the game with cards was known but the origination of poker a card game was from Northern American region, New Orleans. It’s a game than involves cards and rules on betist. Some of these rules are predefined while some are self-made by the players while playing the game. The time when this game was played in the very beginning it just had 20 cards.


Now it’s played with a standard deck varying the number of cards from 32 or 40 to 48 and 52. It’s not always important to play the game by betting money. As we see the people in the television playing it so well especially the earning part while playing, that we want to play it too and to earn some money while playing a game just the same. Well, this game is played indoors such as at homes or restaurants and mainly the clubs. The game is usually organised at a bigger scale at a special event. The game involves a lot of bluffing just as a trick to win at the game.

As we read before this game when played abides some rules, let’s know about some of them

  • At first the deck of cards is shuffled properly.
  • It’s always played with Poker Chips. That is used to show the amount raised for the bet.
  • The second step would include the part where the players raise a bet. Well, the betting makes up the essence of this game (mainly at clubs and casinos) so it’s the first thing done by the players.
  • While playing if any player minimises the bet he losses the game poor handed while if the player maximises the bet he wins the game rich handed.
  • The player should be a master of perfect timing, as he should know when to raise a bet. A bit mathematics and analysis is also required to be a better player. The player should also learn how and when to bluff.

Since, each and every thing existing in this world has its own pros and cons; this game has its own. If a person is really good at the game, as if you’re The God of the game, you might earn a lot of money while enjoying and having fun. The earning would involve a lot more of the fun part and no part of serious conversations and formal talks.

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